How The Code Registry Works…

Most code intelligence tools on the market are designed to only be used by developers. The Code Registry however, is designed to be accessible by everyone, from CEO’s to Digital Managers to Investors, anyone who wants to understand and manage their code can do so in three easy steps. 


Signing up is super easy and straightforward, all you'll need to create an account is your email address. If you're not sure which plan is right for you, then don't worry, you don't need to choose straight away. Once your account is set-up a member of our onboarding team will guide you through creating your first IP vault.
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Step 01

Create vault

Next step is creating your own private, fully secure code IP vault. If you know your Git Repository url or have your code in an archived zip file then great, you can do this yourself straight from the dashboard. However if you're not sure, simply contact our onboarding team who can help get you started..
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Step 02


Once your IP code vault is set-up, our system will run a full analysis on your code. This analysis is visible as summaries within the dashboard, as a downloadable PDF or choose to have it emailed straight to your inbox. If you want to delve deeper into any particular area then thats easy, just ask Ada, our Ai assistant.
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Step 03

and begin understanding more about your code and it’s value

The Code Registry Security Analysis
The Code Registry Dashboard

Explore a platform full of features

Create secure replications of your IP’s code, receive regular reports of code changes and security alerts, understand what’s been changed and even ask questions about your code using the latest AI technologies. The Code Registry removes the mystery around how your software is developed.

Secure IP Vaults & Code Replication

Create your own, independent code vault away from your development partner. Set your own schedules for updating new copies of the code and stop worrying about ‘what happens if…”

IP Replication Valuation

You know how much you’re spending on development costs, now find out how much value you are creating. With our complex proprietary algorithm you can get an estimation of what your IP’s code is worth.

In Depth Code Analysis

For non-developers it can be hard to understand what’s going on with your code. Who’s writing what? How often is code being deployed? What languages are being used? Are there any security vulnerabilities? Now for the first time you can access all of this information in an easy to access dashboard, and discuss any of the topics with our AI Assistant.

AI Assistant "Ada"

Using the latest AI technologies you can ask our AI Assistant “Ada” anything about your codebase. She’s also pro-active and will start discussions with you based on insights that have been gathered from your data.

Complexity Scoring

Ever wondered how complicated your code is? Worried that if you had to move to another developer or development partner it may be a huge challenge? Remove any doubt by using The Code Registry’s proprietary complexity scoring to understand just how complex your code base is.

Security Analysis

Don’t wait for a security issue to present itself, with The Code Registry you can set alerts, run analysis or ask our AI assistant to summarise any potential security threats of your code. You can the pass these onto your development team to address and then review monthly. 

Simple and easy to use

A platform designed for anyone managing software development.

Whether you’re a Business Owner, eCommerce Manager, CTO, Investor or IP Council, The Code Registry platform covers all the tools you need to better manage and understand your software development and code IP.


Perfect for smaller businesses where a single person has accountability for software development. Simply sign-up, sync your code repository and away you go – full access to all features within The Code Registry with zero hidden costs or upsells.


Perfect for organisations with multiple team members managing software development, or larger organisations who have multiple pieces of software or websites. Our business subscriptions allow for multiple users and multiple repositories all with the same full suite of features. 


Perfect for organisations managing multiple code repositories or businesses. Are you a development agency wanting to allow your clients access to impartial reporting? Are you an investment group wanting a single place to secure and manage your investments? Then get in touch with our team today for your bespoke package. 

Manage your development partner with actionable data and insights.

Instead of waiting for answers from your development partner you can now see how much code has been deployed, who’s been writing what and whether there are potential security issues. Get in front of the data and start leading the conversations.

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The Code Registry
The Code Registry Security Analysis

Choose the right plan that fits your needs


Perfect for business owners with a single website or app 




Perfect for businesses with multiple applications and users




Perfect for investment groups, agencies or consulting firms.




Perfect for business owners with a single website or app 


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Perfect for businesses with multiple applications and user


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Perfect for investment groups, agencies or consulting firms.




Whether you want to learn how to secure your businesses software IP, understand better ways to manage development or simply to understand more about how software is developed and deployed, we hope our articles can help.

Want to Learn More?

Our simple sign-up process takes less than 5 minutes, once we’ve replicated your code and created your dedicated IP Code Vault you’ll be able to start understanding more about your code immediately! Why not book a non obligation demo today to see our platform in action.