Code Complexity Scoring

Code complexity scoring, often referred to as code complexity analysis, is the process of evaluating the complexity of software code in terms of its structure, logic, and readability. It aims to assess how intricate or convoluted a piece of code is and is used to quantify the maintainability and understandability of software. There are several metrics and tools available to measure code complexity, with The Code Registry you will be given your unique Cyclomatic Complexity Score.

Why is it useful to understand how complex code is?

The complexity of a codebase can have numerous knock on effects across your software development roadmap. If a codebase is very complex if can make it harder to onboard new developers or move to a different development partner. It can mean that going forward your codebase will be very hard to maintain by anyone but the original developers, which means that those developers have a hold over your codebase, as they are too “important”.

Calculating these data points is another way for The Code Registry to provide transparency around software development and allows you to start conversations around these important topics. It’s also important for business owners to understand this as it could impact on how someone values your code and business going forward.

How complexity impacts decisions

If you’re thinking about changing development partners, looking at raising investment or planning a large overhaul of functionality then knowing how complex your code or software is is critical. A hugely complex system means longer onboarding time, more risk of failure and fewer options for hiring new developers.


Complex code is often more challenging to understand, debug, and modify. By measuring code complexity, you can direct your development team to identify and refactor complex sections of code to make it more maintainable. This helps prevent code rot and makes it easier to make changes or fix issues in the future.

Performance Optimization

Highly complex code may have performance issues. By being able to identify such code allows you to direct your development team to pinpoint areas where optimizations may be needed, potentially improving the efficiency of the software. By having these talking points you can lead the discussions around performance improvement.

Quality Assurance

Many coding standards and best practices recommend maintaining code complexity within certain limits. Everyone hopes that their development team is adhering to these standards, but by using The Code Registry you can see the reality of if certain standards are being met or not.

Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use

The Code Registry’s platform is designed to be easy to use for someone with zero technical knowledge. You don’t have to be a developer to be able to understand and benefit from the suite of tools available from the dashboard.

Peace of mind in one subscription

Every business owner, budget holder or person responsable for their company’s software development has the same questions playing on their mind. 

  • What happens if my development team go AWOL?
  • What happens if my CTO gets hit by a bus?
  • What happens if my server gets hacked?
  • What do I do if I want to change development partner?

By signing up to The Code Registry you no longer have to have these worries as you know that you have an up to date replication of your code which you alone have access to. You have a simple dashboard which can help you explain your software to new partners or to investors and helps you to understand where issues might arise before they happen.

Peace of mind in one subscription

The Code Registry Dashboard
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