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If you have a client portfolio which includes clients enquiring about code IP or issues around plagiarism then the chances are high that you don’t have any tools available to support these claims. With The Code Registry you can now have your clients submit their code repository to your vault for you to secure and protect. 

Provide your clients with IP protection and analysis.

Normally if you wanted to provide your clients with a summary of whether their code could be protected or if they had any IP at all, it would involve lots of back and forth and potentially external experts being brought in.

With The Code Registry you not can not only provide your clients with a cost-to-replicate valuation of their code, you can also provide a full report summarising things like code complexity, languages used, dependencies on 3rd party systems and more. Everything your clients need to understand what IP they have and how protected they are. 

The Code Registry Lawyers

Manage all your clients in one subscription...

The Code Registry’s system is designed around consultants with multiple clients or businesses on their books. In a single subscription you can sync each and every one of your clients code repositories into their own secure, private code vault. You can then provide reports from each client whenever they need the information.

Analytics and Reporting

The Code Registry analyses your entire codebase and presents the results in an easy to view dashboard of data. This same data can be emailed directly to your inbox with every new sync, showing changes, improvements or highlighting any new potential issues. Just a few of the pieces of data you’ll see are; how much code was committed or changed, who’s been working on the code, any new security or vulnerability issues detected and many more.

IP and Valuations

The number one question most businesses want to know is whether what they’ve spent on their software was value for money and if it is protected. Within The Code Registry’s platform we have developed a suite of features which can analyse and place a ‘cost to replicate’ valuation on code based on a number of variables. Normally this would take days to work out, but with The Code Registry this information is ready in minutes. As well as a summary of uniqueness and IP value.

AI Assistant 'Ada'

The Code Registry’s AI Analysis and Insights assistant Ada offers general advice, answers questions and provides explanations related to your code, covering things like explaining the different coding languages being used or providing a summary of your codebase. If you’re not sure what a particular set of data means, then ask Ada and learn what you should be talking to your development partner about to improve your code.

Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use

The Code Registry’s platform is designed to be easy to use for someone with zero technical knowledge. You don’t have to be a developer to be able to understand and benefit from the suite of tools available from the dashboard.

Peace of mind in one subscription

Every business owner, budget holder or person responsable for their company’s software development has the same questions playing on their mind. 

  • What happens if my development team go AWOL?
  • What happens if my CTO gets hit by a bus?
  • What happens if my server gets hacked?
  • What do I do if I want to change development partner?

By signing up to The Code Registry you no longer have to have these worries as you know that you have an up to date replication of your code which you alone have access to. You have a simple dashboard which can help you explain your software to new partners or to investors and helps you to understand where issues might arise before they happen.

Peace of mind in one subscription

The Code Registry Dashboard
Secure Vault

Want to Learn More?

Our simple sign-up process takes less than 5 minutes, once we’ve replicated your code and created your dedicated IP Code Vault you’ll be able to start understanding more about your code immediately! Why not book a non obligation demo today to see our platform in action.