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The Code Registry is the world’s first AI-Powered Code Intelligence and Insights Platform designed specifically for the needs of Business Leaders and Senior IT Professionals. So if your business would benefit from having greater control, visibility and security across your companies software and code then book a demo with our team below to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions

How secure will my code be with The Code Registry?

The minute you sign-up to The Code Registry and sync your code we encrypt your code repositary at ‘rest’. What this means is that we secure all of your code and data, ensuring that only those with the encryption key can access them. This prevents data leakage, unauthorized access, and physical theft. We also never publicise who we work with meaning it is almost impossible to associate an encrypted vault with a particularly business or project.

How easy is it to get started?

Getting up and running can be done in under 10mins. All you need is a payment method to enter your dashboard and then either a link to github (where most codebases are stored) or an external Zip folder of your code. If at any point you’re not sure then you can use your minimum 1 hour support from our customer success team to help you get up and running.

How do I know how many Code Repositories I have?

It’s absolutely fine if you don’t know. Simply sign-up for our individual tier and if you do need to upgrade it can be done instantly. However this is information your development partner or team will be able to answer instantly. 

Will I need help from my Development Partner / Team?

The whole idea behind The Code Registry is that we are independent from your development team. That being said its likely you don’t have your own Github user with access to your Code Repositories, so during the onboarding you will probably need to use our platform to request access. Once this is done, we take care of everything else. So the reliance on your development team is zero after the initial replication has successfully ran.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, regardless of which plan you are subscribed to, you can cancel at any point during a month. Once your current paying period ends we close and delete your entire account and code vaults created with The Code Registry. 

Do you plan on adding more features in the future?

The Code Registry is on a mission to empower non-developers to have a greater knowledge of their code in order to better plan and execute their development roadmap. This means we will constantly be adding new features as they are suggested by our trusted community of Business Owners, Ecommerce professionals, product owners, project managers, investors and IP lawyers.