Welcome to the age of software

Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, famously proclaimed, “Software is eating the world.” This statement highlights the transformative power of software across all industries. In today’s landscape every company, regardless of its industry, is becoming a software company. Whether its a simple marketing website, a customer portal or mobile app; all businesses are now relying on software for sales, customer management or operational efficiency. This paradigm shift necessitates a comprehensive understanding of software, not just in its creation but also in its management.

"Software is eating the world"

Our mission at The Code Regsitry is to empower every Founder and Business Leader, regardless of their technical ability, with the knowledge and tools they need to better understand their software. By having more knowledge and reducing the number of ‘unknowns’ we enable business leaders to make better decisions and drive improvements across their development roadmap; ultimately saving money and feeling more in control.

In the below article we cover off how this increase in all businesses reliance on software can be mitigated and become an advantage, not a risk, for business globally.

The Paradigm Shift

In the age of software, similar to the manufacturing era, it is essential to understand software not only in its creation but also in its management, even at a layperson’s level. Just as Michael Porter developed modern management theories for manufacturing companies, there is now a need for modern management theories tailored for companies with a reliance on their software to expand and operate.

Understanding the New Business Model

Software’s scalability and versatility has redefined business operations. Unlike traditional products, software can be replicated infinitely with minimal cost, offering unparalleled growth potential. To harness this potential, companies must focus on several key areas:

  • Independence and Control: While it is very easy to place your trust in a single person, small team or external partner; when it comes to software you need to treat it like any other critical business asset. This means ensuring that you, as the business who owns the IP, retains full control of the code, maintains access and is the key decision maker driving the ongoing development and strategy. While this may feel intimidating for a non-technical leader, it is essential for you to avoid future issues or disputes which can lead to costly resolutions in the event relationships or knowledge breaks down.
  • Security and Compliance: Software, like any other critical business asset, is open to external threats and regulatory controls. It is your job to make sure you have done everything you can by ensuring robust security measures and adherence to regulatory standards are in place. There are various security and compliance factors that come into play for nearly every piece of software; spanning Code Security, External Dependencies and Open Source Licences; all of  which need to be understood and mapped out.
  • Development and Decision Making: Going back to the original quote from Andreessen, “software is eating the world”, we can expand on this by adding “and AI is it’s teeth!”. The recentl developments in AI have impacted many industries, none more so than within software development. AI generated code is said to be contributing approximately 40% of all code being deployed (Morgan Stanley TMT Conference) meaning software is being developed far more rapidly than ever before. The downside of this is that the risk of code being written and deployed faster, without proper controls, means more code is potentially entering projects with issues. While it is important for business leaders to embrace flexibility and rapid iteration of their projects to stay ahead of their competition it is also imperative to use data and analytics to inform strategic and operational decisions. This ultimately means driving the development from a strategic level – and in order to do this you need to make sure you have the right information and knowledge to guide your roadmap

The Role of The Code Registry

At The Code Registry, we understand the challenges businesses face in this new era of constantly evolving technology and mis-information. Our platform is designed to demystify the world of software development and provide essential tools and insights to empower business leaders to manage and secure their software effectively. For as little as $99 per month your organisation will access;

  • Independent Back-ups: Simply and easily create independently secured, smart Code Vault back-ups of all your proprietary software assets. Our platform doesn’t interfere with your development team, your existing live or dev environments or even your hosting, everything is replicated and secured in an independent code vault at a schedule you decide. Giving you peace of mind, independence and control.
  • Comprehensive Security Assessments: Our platform scans over 4,000 rules and datapoints to identify vulnerabilities and ensure code safety. Not only will you gain full visibility of what potential security issues there are within your software, you’ll also be able to share, plan and take action on resolving them.
  • Team Productivity Tracking: You may know who’s working on your projects, you should know how much your paying for maintenance and development, but can you see each week or month what work has actually been completed and by who? With The Code Registry you can access full history analysis of your development teams activities, and track this over time. Great for helping to drive conversations and locate issues.
  • AIQ™ (AI Quotient): “Is my software any good?” As a business leader you probably have a view on this depending on how well your various projects are performing; Is your website fast? Is your customer data flowing correctly? Are you converting sales through your app? But how about ‘under-the-hood’? Could your software be performing better? Are there areas which could be improved and ultimately save you money in the long run? That’s where The Code Registry’s AIQ™ comes in. A quantitive measure of how much of your codebase could be improved by using some of the latest AI-driven code improvement tools, we’ll provide a full assessment against common coding bad practices, structure and dependencies to give you the full picture; again designed to empower your decision making.

Take Control of Your Software

As we navigate the age of software, it is crucial for businesses to adopt modern management strategies. The Code Registry is here to support this transition, providing the expertise and tools necessary for success in a software-driven world. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that your software assets are secure and your team is equipped to innovate.

Explore how The Code Registry can transform your software management practices. Try out our free code report today and lead your company into the future.

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