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“The Code Registry is solving a need for every founder, board member and investor in the world, since every company today is somehow a software company.”

John Loftus
Software Entrepreneur & Investor

“Founders can feel oftentimes held hostage by their CTO's. This is the solution for Founders, CEO's, investors and boards in the age of AI, helping them protect their code bases and discover what they should know.”

Michael Carter
CEO, BizEquity

“Today as an IP Counsel, there is not a single IP repository I have seen for the over 500 entrepreneurs I have worked with. The Code Registry changes that, it means business owners have a place to value and secure their code's IP.”

Ted Behm
Partner, Armstrong Teasdale

“The Code Registry is a great solution for CTO's and CEO's wanting to share and better understand their code”

Alex Zhitomirskey
CEO, Valex Consulting

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