The Code Registry – New release v1.0.4 – 19th February 2024

Release highlights

New Support Center integration

Users can now access The Code Registry’s Support Center. Here you’ll find our knowledgebase but also a full support ticket system. We will endeavour to fill the support center up with helpful guides, articles and frequently asked questions related to us and our service.

We are also committed to responding to any support tickets as soon as possible. So if you have any issues, or suggestions, please use the ticket system and we’ll get back to you!

We will also detail new releases and features here like the article you’re reading right now!

And what’s really cool is that Ada can access the entire support center too! So you can ask her questions about how to do things, and as long as there’s an article on that topic she can help. For example:

Store example paths for detected third party components

Before this release, the detected third party components were stored without any paths. This decision was based mainly around how verbose this data could be, and with potentially hundreds of components, each with hundreds of files, that amount of data can get very high.

But to help provide more information, we’ve settled on the middle ground of storing up to 3 example file paths for each component.

These will be shown on the component page in a new combined “Licenses & File Info” column, which was itself revised to help with the layout of this data.

And what’s more, is that Ada is aware of this data too!

Improved license viewing for third party components

When we detect a third party component, we also check to see if there’s any licenses mentioned for it in your code. If so, we previously showed this like this, where the license information and checklist buttons simply opened in a new tab:

Now it looks like this:

And clicking any license gives you a new inline modal experience, where the license information and compliance checklist data is embedded, for a more seamless experience:

Improved code browser and ability to “inspect” files

Unknown to most we already had a full code browse that you can access when viewing any code vault, from this button in the header:

But this has been completely revamped now. Instead of opening in an entirely new page, clicking the “Browse Code” button opens a new inline modal experience:

And from here you can browse the code from your code vault, or search for any file name or file contents using the search on the right:

But where this gets really cool is the new ability to “inspect” any file from the list of security issues or third party components:

Which opens that file in the new code browser experience.

So you can see exactly where that security code was detected, or that third party component was included.

We’ve got more plans for this feature, but we’re hoping this is a start to make it more useful for users.

Other changes

Dynamic CXO Report view title

This is just a little quality of life improvement to make this report more inclusive to other “C Suite” positions, or if anyone wasn’t sure what “CXO” meant.

Add the code vault name to the GIT Analysis page, in the list of changes, when viewing from a project.

This was missing and can be confusing if your project has multiple code vaults.

It’s also searchable now!

Added a limit to the Ada chat usage for free accounts

We’ve limited free accounts to 10 Ada messages per 24 hours.

This doesn’t affect beta access users and won’t affect paying customers after the beta programme is over!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error when analysing a code vault, and trying to generate the Ada AI summary of the code contributor data, if there was too many contributors (over 50). We now sort the contributor data by number of commits and only use the top 50 to be summarised by Ada.
  • Fixed a similar issue when chatting to Ada about a code vault with more than 50 code contributors.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped users from deleting the demo projects.

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