The Code Registry Joins GitHub’s Technology Partnership Program: Pioneering a New Era of AI-Powered Code Security and Analysis

Why The Code Registry + GitHub?

The Code Registry’s integration with GitHub marks a pivotal advancement in the realm of code security, analysis and AI-driven insights for leaders managing software development. By integrating The Code Registry’s cutting-edge AI-powered analysis and security assessments with the GitHub platform, we’re setting a new standard for innovation and protection in software management. This collaboration offers business leaders and senior IT professionals a comprehensive solution that extends the data available within GitHub into The Code Registry’s advanced analysis engine, creating easy-to-understand dashboards combining data across multiple repositories.

By utilizing The Code Registry alongside GitHub, you are not only safeguarding your digital assets but also enhancing your efficiency and transparency within your development processes. 

With our joint commitment to excellence and accessibility, this partnership is uniquely positioned to demystify the complex nature of software development, making advanced code management and security insights available to all levels of technical expertise. 

Embrace the future of secure, intelligent software development with The Code Registry and GitHub, where technology meets transparency and knowledge sharing.

How to get set-up?

To get up and running with The Code Registry via GitHub is extremely quick and light touch.

Step 1: Sign-up to an account directly by creating an account, we have packages to suit all business types and sizes and our pricing is simply based on how many projects or code repositories you want to secure and analyze.

Step 2: Sync your code using our native GitHub OAuth integration or install either our Chrome or Firefox extension. 

Step 3: Sit back and wait for our analysis and insights engine to run and dive into understanding and feeling more in control of you code. 

About The Code Registry 
The Code Registry is the world’s leading platform in code intelligence and analysis, powered by the most advanced AI technology. Designed to meet the needs of both non-technical business leaders and senior IT experts, our innovative platform facilitates the creation of secure, independent replicas of entire code repositories. With a comprehensive suite of tools to assess over 4,000 rules and data points, The Code Registry delivers an unparalleled single dashboard of code analytics covering security evaluations, developmental insights, and a ‘cost-to-replicate’ valuation of software assets. Our mission is to safeguard and optimize the software development lifecycle, providing peace of mind and strategic advantages to businesses across the globe. The Code Registry not only empowers users with critical insights into their code and its dependencies but also streamlines the management of development teams and partnerships. As a trusted authority in code security, software audits, and development strategy, The Code Registry is dedicated to demystifying complex technical challenges, ensuring that companies of all sizes can secure and leverage their software investments with confidence. For more information,
The Code Registry.  Know Your Code™ 

Want to Learn More?

Our simple sign-up process takes less than 5 minutes, once we’ve replicated your code and created your dedicated IP Code Vault you’ll be able to start understanding more about your code immediately! Why not book a non obligation demo today to see our platform in action.