The Code Registry – New release v1.1.4 – 8th July 2024

Release highlights

Fully native GitLab integration supporting GitLab Cloud and self-hosted GitLab

To make syncing your repositories to our code intelligence platform even easier, we’ve now released our fully native GitLab integration.

Our users could already connect their teams to GitHub but a native GitLab integration has also been heavily requested.

It works in exactly the same way for Cloud users, but we’ve also added full support for self-hosted GitLab instances too!

And yes – you can be connected to GitHub AND GitLab at the same time, and even mix code vaults from different GIT providers in the same project!

You can connect your team to GitLab on the “Integrations” tab on the “Team settings” page: Cloud users

For Cloud users it’s as simple as clicking “Connect to”

It’s as simple as that, you’re now connected!

And when you add a code vault, you can simply select from your GitLab projects: self-hosted users

For self-hosted GitLab instances the process has an extra step.

You have to setup an Oauth application in your GitLab instance, and add that application’s details to your team settings in The Code Registry.

But don’t worry – we’ve written a very simple guide on exactly how to do this:

When connecting to GitLab, select “self-hosted” as the GitLab type:

You then get a few extra fields to insert the Oauth application details. 

Simply follow the guide we’ve written, copy and paste the credentials in, and click “Connect to self-hosted GitLab instance” and the rest of the process is exactly the same!

GitLab support in our official browser extensions

We’re also excited to announce that GitLab (Cloud and self-hosted) is fully support in our official browser extensions:

Just like with, when viewing any Gitlab project, there is a shiny new “Sync & Analyze” button that makes it very easy to sync your repository:

This will connect your team on The Code Registry to GitLab, and then allow you to select a project to add the new code vault to (or create a new one).

It couldn’t be simpler!

Other changes

Ability to create empty projects 

This is a useful feature if you manage different development teams or a portfolio of different companies and you want to invite them to your team to manage their own projects and not access anything else.

You can now create an empty project, and invite those users with “vault creation” permission to that project. They can login, see the empty project and add and manage the code vaults within it, without having access to anything else.

Staggering of automated replications

As our userbase grows and more automated replications are scheduled throughout the month, we’re constantly thinking about ways to improve resource usage and performance when our code analysis runs.

With this goal in mind we’ve implemented staggering for automated replications. So if many replications are scheduled at the same hour and the day across all of our users, they’ll be slightly staggered to avoid the sudden resource spike causing stability issues.

This is something that we’ll continue to monitor and optimise over time!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when inviting a team member that doesn’t already have an account on The Code Registry. There was a scenario where that user wouldn’t have their personal team created which caused an error.

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