The Code Registry – New release v1.1.3 – 24th June 2024

Release highlights

Single Sign On (SSO) for Microsoft, Google, Github

We’ve launched our SSO integrations for Microsoft, Google and Github!

So now when you login (or register a new account) you can now choose one of these authentication providers:

Combined PDF snapshot reports for projects

In our platform the PDF reports have always been at the individual code vault level. So if you have a project with 5 code vaults within it, each code vault has it’s own report automatically generated.

The reason for this is that every code vault can have it’s own automated code replication schedule. You could have some code vaults in a project replicating every 2 weeks, and others once per month, and some not automated at all.

So providing a combined snapshot PDF report across all of a given project’s code vaults and their different replication schedules wasn’t possible by way of automation, however we still wanted to provide this functionality.

Therefore we developed a new combined snapshot report that takes the data from each of the latest code replications for each code vault in your project.

This is now live, and we believe you’ll find this to be a very useful feature to get an overview of the status of your entire project, no matter how many code vaults!

You can download this when viewing a project, or enter an email recipient to have it automatically emailed to someone:

Changes over time widget at project level

For similar reasons, the “how has this data changed over time” feature of our platform was only accessible at the individual code vault level.

This is now accessible at the project level, taking the data from every code replication of each code vault. So if you have a code vault with 20 replications and another code vault with only 5, this valuable data will all be presented in a new combined view.

This data is still accessible at the code vault level too of course!

Other changes

Changed logic for ticket creation in integration

We’ve made a small change to our integration for pushing security issues to your ticketing system of choice.

Some ticketing systems have different rules for what sorts of categories they allow tickets to be created in (looking at your Basecamp and Jira). Unfortunately – at least at the moment – due to the large number of possible ticketing system integrations, these differences aren’t all possible to be automated in the integration.

So we’ve expanded our side of the integration to allow for some of these differences, and we’ll adjust if more come up!

Bug fixes

  • Strip HTML tags from comments when posted to, because not all ticketing systems support HTML markup in comments!
  • Fixed a bug where the new security issue triaging features caused an error when viewing a demo project

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