The Code Registry – New release v1.1.1 – 20th May 2024

Release highlights

We are currently focussing our development efforts primarily on the evolution of our security issue management.

In the meantime we continue to make iterative improves and bug fixes as needed to the main platform.

Updated team selection UI

We have had some feedback that when a user has access to multiple teams, the user interface for their current team and other teams they have access to was slightly confusing and causing some friction.

We’ve now updated this to be clearer.

New user permission to be able to create code vaults

In our team setup there are currently two possible user roles – Managers and Users. Users were read only, meaning that they could only browse projects and code vaults they had access to.

We’ve now expanded this to give our customers more flexibility. Users can now have the permission to create new code vaults in projects they have access to. So you can – for example – create a project for a colleague, and invite them to your team to manage the vaults within it.

Other changes

Improved Ada’s comprehension of our code complexity analysis results

Our code complexity analysis stores a fair amount of data and numbers. Some of the wording of these results was quite similar, for example we have data such as;

  • Cyclomatic complexity
  • Cyclomatic complexity density
  • Complexity averaged by number of files
  • Complexity averaged by lines of code
    And some of these values are calculated overall and also per language.

In conversation Ada could – in some cases – give some different numbers for what looked like the same data point. We have attempted to clear this up and word the data points differently, which looks to have helped!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the version comparison report where the chart showing the security issues in the newer version was referencing the wrong data
  • Fixed a bug in the snapshot report where security issues referencing very long lines or code snippets broke the layout

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