The Code Registry – New release v1.1.0 – 13th May 2024

Release highlights

License and components! This is a Quality of Life (QoL) release while we work on some larger feature developments, including security issue management and triaging.

Expanded license information across the platform and reports

Our open source component scanner already analysed any licenses found, but this information was only exposed in a small area in the list of detected open source components.

We’ve now expanded on this to show license information on the CXO report, Metrics dashboard and the PDF reports.

Our platform will show licenses which it believes are open source based on the licenses name, and licenses which it believes are potentially “commercial”.

The metrics dashboard will also highlight how many licenses were found in outdated components, which can be important as license requirements can change over time with open source software.

We know this is important information so we’re hoping that expanding on this provides more value to users!

This is how it looks around the platform:

CXO report:

Metrics dashboard:

PDF report:

Export component data in widely recognised SBOM formats

Before this release you could export the detected open source component data, but only in our own JSON and CSV formats.

We’ve now expanded on this so that you can export in the 3 major widely accepted SBOM (Software Bill Of Material) formats:

Show differences in specific components between code vault versions

Our comparison reports show the differences between versions of your code vaults. Now we are also able to show specific component difference, for example, if a new component was added or an existing component was removed, the web and pdf comparison report will show this data:

Other changes

You can now download your code vault code as a .zip file

This is useful if you need to re-populate a GIT repository or just want to download the latest version of the code we’re securing for you for any other reason.

This feature is found in the code vault settings in the “General” tab:

Further improvements to our infrastructure scaling

We’ve been watching the detailed infrastructure logs to see how our services were scaling under load and have made further improvements to optimise how this works.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the GIT history and code contributor analysers where strange symbols caused an error
  • Fixed a bug in the GitHub integration, where if you search for a repository or branch, that search isn’t reset after selecting a repository

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