The Code Registry – New release v1.0.8 – 8th April 2024

Release highlights

This is a Quality of Life (QoL) and maintenance heavy release as most of our efforts are focussed on the next big feature (to be released soon!).

Ability to query our data for security rule info

You can now click a new “More rule info” button when viewing any security issue, and the web app will search our findings to see if we can provide any external URLs with more information on that rule.

For example these could be links to official bug reports, or links to documentation pages.

Other changes

Latest news and articles on the main dashboard

We wanted to provide some helpful links and give more visibility to our latest blog articles, platform development news and Support Center articles.

Guide on whitelisting The Code Registry’s IP addresses with GIT providers

This came up recently for the first time (Github Enterprise IP allow list) so we wanted to make this information easier to find.

It’s now on the “GIT providers” page under “Team settings”, with a dedicated article in the Support Center.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error caused when GitHub repositories are attempted to be listed before the team is fully authenticated with GitHub
  • Fixed an issue where the project level open source components page wasn’t using the newer license viewing interface
  • Fixed a bug where a non file archive URL would be accepted when creating a code vault. We now do additional checks on the URL structure before assuming the URL is valid
  • Fixed a bug where searching for a GitHub repository in our web app, and getting no results, can’t be undone as the search input box disappeared
  • Fixed a bug when creating a project, if you add a GitHub code vault, and then try to add a second GitHub code vault, the GitHub repositories don’t automatically show again
  • Fixed a bug where the custom styled scrollbars on some elements (like the Ada chat window) didn’t show on Mac OSX based browsers

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