The Code Registry – New release v1.0.7 – 25th March 2024

Release highlights

Fully native GitHub integration

You can now connect your team on The Code Registry to a GitHub account, and use that connection to easily select one of your GitHub repositories to analyse in our web app.

There is a new “GIT providers” section in the Team Settings:

From here you can connect to your GitHub account to authorise us to see your repositories (don’t worry, we’ll never push anything to any of them!):

And now when editing a code vault’s code source, or adding a new project/code vault, you can use the new GitHub tab to browse for a repository, and then select a branch.

This will hopefully make this process a lot simpler for users that have access to their company/team’s GitHub repositories already.

In future releases we’ll also support other GIT providers such as BitBucket, Gitlab and more!

Our Official, free browser extension!

The first version of our browser extension is now live! It works with both Chrome and Firefox currently.

This is a very simple browser addon that adds a single button when viewing a repository on called “Sync & Analyse”:

Clicking this will do a few things. You’ll be able to login to your account, and then you’ll get taken through the GitHub oauth connection process if you’re not already connected.

Then you’ll be able to select a project (or create a new one) and set the name of the code vault to sync to:

This will create the code vault, start our analysis and take you to see the results!

And if you’ve synced a repository from before like this, the process is even easier, you just confirm that you want to update the code vault with the latest code and refresh the analysis, and that’s it!

In future releases of our browser extension we’ll also support other GIT providers such as BitBucket, Gitlab and more!

Here is our extension on the Chrome store:

And on the Firefox store:

Other changes

Better error handling for invalid code sources

There was a scenario that occurred where a code source became invalid (due to credentials changing) and then a new code vault version was created.

This caused an error in the code replication (because the code source couldn’t be connected to) which caused that code vault to hang in a limbo state.

We’ve added better error handling to manual and automatic code replications so this doesn’t happen again!

Ability to hide areas of the PDF reports

This was based on some early user feedback, where they wanted the flexibility to decide which facet analysis would show in the automated / manually downloaded PDF reports.

We’ve now added this ability, which you can access when editing a code vault:

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix where some hidden files caused an error in the language analysis

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