The Code Registry: Conversationally Analyzing a Portfolio of Digital Assets

In a recent interview, our CEO & Co-Founder, Mark Purdy spoke with the team at Intellyx about how The Code Registry works and specifically how the platform could be used for Business Leaders to analyze and report on their digital assets. 

Intellyx ( are not your usual IT analyst firm. They aim to provide expert advice and insights into emerging and relevant digital transformation trends, for business executives and IT professionals. They aim to talk to startup founders, CEOs and visionary business leaders who are pushing the edge of digital transformation, this is how they came across The Code Registry

You can read their full article here >>, But one of their key take-aways and insights for business leaders and IT executives was; 

“Code isn’t just an output of development work. In many ways, code is the currency of a modern enterprise, and therefore any technical leader or non-technical executive with a stake in the business should be able to understand the inherent risks and changing value that code represents.”

The Code Registry: Conversational Analysis

The Code Registry is the world’s first code intelligence and analysis platform powered by AI, designed to meet the needs of both non-technical business leaders and senior IT experts.

At its core, the platform enables users to create an independent replica of their entire codebase, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for security assessment, development tracking, and value analysis. This independence from active development or production environments is a cornerstone of The Code Registry’s offering, ensuring that the integrity and security of the code are maintained without interfering with ongoing development processes.

However, rather than simply presenting users with a dashboard full of data, one of the main objectives of The Code Registry is to empower our users to better understand their code and be able to quickly access the information they need and get answers to technical questions simply and easily. 

Introducing Ada, our AI code assistant. 

The Code Registry Ai Assistant

Named after Ada Lovelace, arguable the worlds first ever computer programmer, our AI assistant Ada is on-hand throughout our entire platform to provide insights and explanations of all the analysis present. Moreover, Ada can answer questions you might have about your code in order to get you information quickly and succinctly. For instance, prior to a development catch-up you might be interested to know which of your dev team contributed the most in the previous month, or you might want an explanation as to why there is so much javascript present across your codebase. 

If the data is there within your code, then Ada will be able to support you in analyzing and understanding it. 

Read more about Ada >>


For business leaders, CEOs, CTOs, Investors and Development Agencies; The importance of being able to dissect, analyze and present critical information about your development and software IP is critical for protecting and realising the value of your digital assets. Ada acts as your expert contextual concierge to the codebase, and can generate definitive reports ready for boardrooms, auditors, and regulators. 

The Code Registry’s approach to securing and managing software assets is revolutionary in the market where all current tools are focussed on the development cycle itself, rather than the mere aspect of securing and analyzing your assets in their entirety. 

By securing your code with The Code Registry you will immediately have a solution for those problematic challenges around security including;

  • Risk Management: By creating an independent, secure replica of your codebase, you significantly reduce the risk of data breaches, code leaks, and other security threats.
  • Compliance and Governance: The platform simplifies compliance with industry standards and regulations by maintaining an immutable record of the codebase and conducting regular security assessments.
  • Operational Efficiency: With detailed analysis and reporting, leaders can optimize their development processes, identify areas for improvement, and make strategic decisions based on the value and performance of their software assets.

The Code Registry’s innovative approach to creating an independent, fully secure replication of entire code repositories represents a significant advancement in the field of software development and security. By separating the codebase from the risks associated with development and production environments, The Code Registry not only enhances security but also provides a foundation for comprehensive analysis and strategic decision-making. For businesses looking to safeguard their digital assets while gaining valuable insights into their development processes and code value look no further than securing your digital IP with The Code Registry.

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