Open Source Software Components

Open source software components are like pre-made building blocks for software, widely used for their efficiency. They’re publicly shared code pieces that anyone can use and modify, often integrating them into larger, custom projects.

Our Open Source Software Component Scanner identifies and analyzes open source components used in your organization’s software to ensure they are secure and compliant. Learn how our tool adds value to your organization.

Why is Open Source Component Scanning essential?

In today’s fast-paced software development environment, using open source components is essential, but it comes with risks. Our Open Source Software Component Scanning tool addresses this by identifying each open source element in your codebase, assessing them for security vulnerabilities and checking their licensing compliance. This not only ensures your software is safe and legally sound, but also protects against potential legal and security issues, maintaining the integrity and value of your product.

What can you tell me about the software components you find?

Our comprehensive Open Source Component Analysis is designed to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities that may arise from the use of open source libraries in your software projects. Below are just some of the security concerns we address:

Open Source Component Risks

Open source libraries are incredibly powerful and versatile, but they can carry risks if not properly audited. Our service scans your open source components for outdated libraries, licensing issues, and known security vulnerabilities that could compromise your system’s integrity. A vulnerable open source component can be exploited by attackers, leading to data breaches or system downtimes.

License Compliance

Open source software comes with a variety of licenses, each with its own set of obligations and restrictions. Non-compliance with these licenses can result in legal issues and hamper your business operations. Our analysis detects any licenses from any detected third party component, so you and your legal team and review whether you are compliant.

Outdated Component Detection

Our Open Source Component Analysis identifies outdated libraries that may no longer be supported or have known security flaws. This enables you to proactively manage your software dependencies, reducing the risk of security breaches and maintaining the integrity of your codebase.

Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use

The Code Registry’s platform is designed to be easy to use for someone with zero technical knowledge. You don’t have to be a developer to be able to understand and benefit from the suite of tools available from the dashboard.

Peace of mind in one subscription

Every business owner, budget holder or person responsable for their company’s software development has the same questions playing on their mind. 

  • What happens if my development team go AWOL?
  • What happens if my CTO gets hit by a bus?
  • What happens if my server gets hacked?
  • What do I do if I want to change development partner?

By signing up to The Code Registry you no longer have to have these worries as you know that you have an up to date replication of your code which you alone have access to. You have a simple dashboard which can help you explain your software to new partners or to investors and helps you to understand where issues might arise before they happen.

Peace of mind in one subscription

The Code Registry Dashboard
Secure Vault

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