The Code Registry – New release v1.0.6 – 18th March 2024

Release highlights

Simplified user journey and dashboard layout

Prior to this release we had two ways to view our data and insights – the streamlined CXO report and our full analytics dashboard.

When viewing a project or code vault for the first time, users were presented with a choice for which view they preferred. This was then saved against the user’s account settings to be changed later if needed.

We’ve been discussing some feedback with beta users about simplifying this journey, and we’re happy with the result!

Now the CXO report is combined into the full analytics dashboard as the first page, called “Overview”, with the existing full analytics dashboard the second page, now called “Metrics Dashboard”.

You can now get the best of both worlds, in fewer clicks!

Added the ability to share PDF reports via email

The button to download the PDF report for any code vault was here at the top of the page, but we’ve now expanded on this so you can email the report directly to any recipient, making them easier to share.

If you have report white-label features enabled and configured, these will still be taken into account here.

Allow for multiple days to be selected on the monthly replication schedule

We’ve expanded the automatic code replication settings to allow you to select up to 2 days in the monthly schedule, making it easier to configure fortnightly or more bespoke schedules.

Other changes

Improvements to the app homepage

We’ve updated the wording on the main app homepage to be more helpful to new users. We’ve also added a delete button here for each project to make it easier to delete one from this page (previously you had to go into a project and then into the project settings).

Improvements to the “vault status” widgets

Small wording change and added the date and time the code was last synced to these widgets

Improved support for shared Google Drive and Dropbox files

When creating a code vault, one of the options for the code source is a file archive URL. This is any publicly available URL for a file archive (i.e. .zip, .tar, .tar.gz etc).

We noted some cases where a shared Google Drive or Dropbox file didn’t sync properly using this option.

This has been fixed!

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix for automated code vault version comparison reports, there was an error when showing file types unique to one version
  • Bug fix when doing a manual GIT repository connection test when no branch was set
  • Bug fix which stopped code vaults from demo projects from being deleted
  • Bug fix which caused vault code source settings to be overwritten when not intended

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