The Code Registry – New release v1.0.5 – 11th March 2024

Release highlights

Export security issue and third party component data

On the security issues and third party components pages, you can now do full exports of the data into JSON or spreadsheet (CSV) formats.

These exports take into account whatever searches and filters you are currently using so you’re exporting exactly what you’re seeing on the screen.

Expanded our AI Assistant Ada’s capabilities

On top of her existing knowledge of all of your insights and codebase, Ada can now answer questions such as:

  • what am I looking at?
  • what are my projects?
  • can you tell me about project X?
  • what are my code vaults?
  • what important information should I be looking at?

Other changes

More controls on viewing component data

You can now sort third party component data by size, and filter by only outdated components.

Ability to view different date periods in the “GIT History” main chart

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a layout issue when viewing security issues on the CXO report view (very long file paths broke the layout!)
  • Fixed a bug when viewing specific file types using the new code browser

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