What is The Code Registry?

The Code Registry was born out of the frustration of our founders, Mark Purdy and Stephen Gray, that across the entire industry of Software Development there were no tools on the market designed for non-developers. 

Seeing as nearly every business in the world today relies on software in one way or another, be it a website, an application, a portal, a CRM system or an ERP system, nearly all businesses rely on software to grow and manage their business. But even with this being the case the majority of businesses do not have skilled in-house development teams and instead outsource to freelancers or agencies. 

While this is perfectly fine, what it does mean is that if you have limited software development knowledge you are relying on your development partner to perform all the tasks required to maintain and develop your software. You are also basing the fees you are paying on the word of your development partner without really being able to cross-check the work or feel secure that what you are paying for is value for money. 

This leaves all business owners with the same unanswered questions;

  • Where is my code and how do I access it?
  • What happens if my development partner goes out of business or stops responding?
  • How secure is my code?
  • Who has been working on my code?
  • How complicated is my code?
  • What is my code worth? 
  • Are there any issues with my code that I should be asking about?

If you wanted to independently answer any or all of these questions you would need to go out and hire an independent consultant to perform a full review of your code and set-up, costing thousands of dollars. You also need to accept whatever is reported back as truth, even though some consultants may have a hidden agenda (in order to earn more work). So for a lot of businesses they simply continue doing what they’re doing, with these worries in the back of their mind as there are simply no suitable solutions on the market…

Until now, Introducing The Code Registry

The Code Registry seeks to solve all of these challenges simply and elegantly in a single subscription. The platform has been designed specifically for the needs of non-developers with the main objective of empowering whoever is responsible for the businesses software development to have greater control and knowledge over their development.

Signing up is simple too, you’ll only need to speak with your development partner once, either to request access to their Github repository or to request a zip file of your code. From here we take of the rest. 

Once we’ve sync’d your codebase you’ll have access to our full dashboard of features including;

  • IP Code Vault
  • Code Replication Scheduling
  • Your Code Complexity Score
  • Code and IP Valuation
  • Full Security Analysis
  • Full History Analysis
  • AI Code Analysis
  • Change Reports

With each of the features in the dashboard you will have our custom AI Assistant ever present for you to ask questions to further understand more about your code and to help you manage your development roadmap. 

You can set your own schedules of when we take a new replication of your code and re-run the analysis, this could be timed alongside when you have your monthly or weekly reviews with your dev team. You can receive a full comparison report straight to your inbox with suggested talking points for you take to your meetings, or simply use the summary to slot into your board pack for senior stakeholders to understand what’s been happening with the software development each month. 

The Code Registry is your personal assistant and software expert, with all the knowledge of your code ready to support you along your journey. 

And lastly, if ever the worst should happen and you need to move your code to a new development partner then you can invite other users to your Code Registry account and instead of them needing to spend weeks on a code review, they can use the Code Registry to get them set-up and running faster than ever. 

Learn more about the full features of the Code Registry here >>