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For the first time ever you can now secure, analyse and manage your software development through a simple and easy to use platform.

Secure Code Vaults

Create your independent IP Code Vault away from your development partner and set your own schedule for regular code replications. With each new automatic replication you will receive detailed reports and analysis summarising what has changed.

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IP Replication Value

The Code Registry will analyze your codebase and provide you with a bespoke ‘cost-to-replicate’ valuation. This can be used for investors or as part of your business valuation process, or simply to show the value being created through your development.

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In Depth Code Analysis

Once we have synced your codebase you will be presented with a comprehensive dashboard of analysis and reports, detailing everything from languages used, lines of code, code complexity, security vulnerabilities and more. All analysis is presented is an easy to understand format.

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AI Assistant

Wherever you are in The Code Registry, our AI Assistant “Ada” will be on hand to answer questions, clarify aspects of your code, and provide suggestions of talking points for your development planning. Whether you want to understand more about why PHP is used or question how secure your code is, Ada is there to help.

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Create your IP Vault

Create a secure, independent IP Code Vault effortlessly.

Worried about what would happen if you lost access to your software code? We ensure you’re prepared, no matter what.

All of the data you need to be in charge of your software development.

You no longer have to rely on your development partner or consultants to find out how your software is being developed. With The Code Registry everything you need to know is right there in your dashboard.

The Code Registry Security Analysis
The Code Registry Code Complexity
The Code Registry AI Insights
The Code Registry Valuation


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